Lost in Translation Circus – Voyage Fantastique

LIT review

Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts, Great Yarmouth, Saturday 19 September 2015


A steampunk storyline saw Cyrano Savinien de Bergerac off to the moon. The show was short and sweet, with the whole production in chapters so just as you’re getting into what they were doing, you were quickly cut to a break and left in suspense to join them for the next chapter.

I saw flips and tricks presented to the audience, with each chapter showing off each performer and what they can do. There we laughs and scary times as everyone in the crowd felt fear and tension every time someone was hanging upside down in the air on a single rope. I think everyone enjoyed each performance and it made me want to see and watch more, and I recognised some of the faces from previous chapters joining me to see where the story went.

The highlight of the performance was the tricks and stunts they all individually did through the 15 minute performance chapters… Like I said-short and very sweet.

Review: Angelica Urfano.  Photo Tasmin Carter

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