METROPOLI MERAVIGLIOSA = a fantastic happening, a multi-discipline and site-specific performance

Metropoli Meravigliosa is a fantastic happening, a multi-discipline and site-specific performance, an action of artistic co-working created for the Contact Zones Project   in cooperation with Attraversamenti Multipli.
This multiple show/event was designed by Margine Operativo and created involving single artists and collectives from the independent contemporary scene of the city of Rome, ranging from theater to urban poetry/rap, from music to comics, from video-making to comics. A show/journey which connects and assembles different artistic codes/languages, into a specific entity comprising urban cultures and the bodies/voices of the actors and musicians involved.

These are the photos of the event in Garage Zero / Roma.

metropoli meravigliosa

Metropoli meravigliosa _2metropoli meravigliosa _3Metropoli meravigliosa 4

metropoli Meravigliosa _7

Metropoli meravigliosa_5metropoli meravigliosa_6


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