Performing Arts in Urban Space


Presentation - Borgo Velino

inBORGO performing arts festival, with ONDADURTO TEATRO company, is one of the Italian partner of CONTACT ZONES.
It is a festival in BORGO VELINO, a small village in Lazio Region, and it is articulated through various narrative elements and techniques.
inBORGO Performing arts Festival is a young project where the distinctive feature of the festival is its multidisciplinary approach, with events that use techniques and specific languages or their mixture. With CONTACT ZONES we want to create a real interaction between artists and people of Borgo Velino.
This project can really transform this little village in a place where we can create a non – conventional venue where different people can meet and interact with different cultures.
Different Italian and European groups among Contact Zones partners will perform as part of the festival from August the 20th to the 23th of 2015 in different venue of Borgo Velino .
CONTACT ZONES also developes and grows up specific actions concerning the relationship between performing arts and urban spaces through workshops and recidences.
These pratices will be put in contact and in connection with local experiences in order to analize and find new ways, new model and new examples of good pratices .
inBORGO Performing Arts Festival with CONTACT ZONES may be a “chance” to examine and discussing; a space to learn some basic tips on how to create a sustainable organization in challenging times, thanks to the exchange of points of view.
Finally, with Site specific performances in non – conventional venues and workshops, people will be able to gain a new perspective. Thanks to contemporary forms of performing arts like urban theatre, street art, music and artistic installation we finally may generate a new way to reduce the gap between people and Art.