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Artists - Frankfurt

24.07 > 2. 08. 2015

National Indoor Theatre
24.07.2015 – Sommerwerft – International Theatre Festival at the the Riverside
20:00 o´clock
Elastisch“Loud Silence – The Time Machine” by Elias Elastisch (DE) Pantomime.
A Modern Mime Theatre from the 21st century.
Elias Elastisch tells the story of a professor working like a manic in his lab on his time machine – with unexpected results. Funny surprises lie ahead of him, see for yourself!
Again and again Elias Elastisch slips in new roles and time eras. A breathtaking journey into the fantasies of our imagination.

No language in the world is as universal as the language of mime



17.07.2015 + 18.07.2015 – Sommerwerft – International Theatre Festival at the the Riverside
21:45 o´clock

theatre_international_theatre_en_vol_29_07_2Up there wings don’t rust – A guided visit to the Museum Rotella by Theatre en vol (Italy)

A show about the old human dream of flying.
“Dear audience, come and join the enthusiastic crowds, that every evening together with Maestro Rotella rediscover the joy of abandoning oneself to one’s imaginative force…to take off on flight, hover in the air, discover the world from above and forget our own miserable human condition”.


Outdoor-Theatre & Dance:
24.07.15, 25.07.15, 26.07.2015 Sommerwerft – International Theatre Festival at the the Riverside

TakeuchiButterfly-Performance – Shusaku Takeuchi (NL)
Butoh Dance-Performance
(Public spaces near Sommerwerft venue)
(Time: tba)

The butterflies have a strong symbolic meaning. Butterflies are announcers of spring, flying around like fairies, bringing hope and dreams. They announce new life, after the cold winter. The Butterfly performance is above all a peace project. Through the Butterfly Dance, the message of peace, love, and unity beyond generations and continents is conveyed in a unique manner of dance performance.


24.07.2015 + 25.07.2015 – Sommerwerft – International Theatre Festival at the the Riverside
21:45 o´clock

theatre_international_ondadurto_teatro25_7“C’era una volta” by Ondadurto Teatro
This production is much more than a show about princesses and heroes. Stories and legends coming from the tradition of great authors, from Grimms’ Brothers to Lewis Carroll, from Johann Karl August Musäus to Hans Christian Andersen, are reinterpreted in noir atmosphere and “sweet-and-sour” taste.
The fairy imagination, so sweet and lovely in our memories, will be transformed, and lines between Good and Evil will become deeply evanescent. Is it possible that Little Red Riding Hood has a dark side?

National Indoor-Theatre
Date: 25.7.2015 –   – 20:00 o´clock

Bansemir-Deck„Supergrrrls“ by Ute Bansemir and Jan Deck (theaterperipherie from Frankfurt)

What characterizes a woman in the 21st century?
Five women tell their stories when they act as model, policewoman, porn actress, businesswoman, boxer, midwife and Drag queen.
In a very humorous way these five Ladies reflect upon a wide variety of female rolemodels.


National Outdoor-Theatre
31.07. + 1.08.2015 – Sommerwerft – International Theatre Festival at the the Riverside
21:45 o´clock

AntagonF.A.U.S.T. III – The Price of Happiness – Theatre about money by antagon theaterAKTion
This production questions the hustle and bustle of the financial strategists in our world today. How far do we go to satisfy our needs?
Money or humanity, profit or happiness have become moral issues, which are shown in the images of this large-scale outdoor theatre production.
The new tower of the European Central Bank is located nearby the Festival and casts its shadow over the venue where the show will be performed.


Date: 31.7.2015 –   – 20:00 o´clock

Buhne1PLAY LOUD by bühne 1 (DE)

A soundtrack of a relationship. A couple torn between positive and negative emotions – traveling from alienation to intimacy.
Does love fit into a world of global economy and competition? Which therapy makes a relationship crisis-proof ? Is there a boundary between self-awareness and the urge to be a consumer?


National DANCE:
Date: 27.7.2015 –  Night of Dance  – 22.30 o´clock
RemyWhen we were trees by Karen Rémy – A.i.M. (Arts in Movement)
Butoh Dance Performance & Video Installation inspired by dance in nature research.
The cycle of change is moving from stillness to live passing by death back to stillness and its new potential.

National Music
Date: 2.8.2015 – 21.30 o´clock

Embryo was formed in 1969 in Munich and fused traditional ethnic music with their own jazzy space rock style. The group has traveled the world, playing with hundreds of different musicians and released over 20 records. Many of their albums originated during collective journeys on four continents. In July 2008, Embryo was awarded the German World Music Award RUTH 2008 at the TFF.Rudolstadt Festival.