Performing Arts in Urban Space


Presentation - Frankfurt


As part of the Contact Zones project protagon e.V. worked out the following programme within the international performance and theatre festival „Sommerwerft“. The festival takes place from July 17th to August 2nd 2015 on the main river banks in Frankfurt just in front of the new building of the European Central Bank. During 17 days over 80.000 people are expected. Free Entrance – „Creativity instead Consume“ is our goal, therefore we are offering free Zones – for culture, people and urbanity.

During the Festival we are happy to include activities we planned within the Contact Zones project: Performances, Workshops, Site specific acts and an Art Residency in Frankfurt/ Main / Germany. Besides, on our festival information center – we include the video box. People can leave a video-message on proposed questions about ideal city and the idea about value and aim of theatre in public space.

Ondaturto Treatro, from Rome, will show „C’era una volta“ on the 24th and 25th of July. It is a colourful and enchanting Revue, a multidisciplinary work where fascinating moving objects, water effects and technological gadgets create an expanded experience for the audience. The group will contribute live this outdoor show with different artistic expressions. The audience will benefit from the particular focus on theatre in open space of the non-verbal show and street art performances.

antagon, itself coming from the city of Frankfurt, the birthplace of Goethe, will perform „F.A.U.S.T. III – The price of Happiness“ on the weekend of 31st July and 1st of August at the Sommerwerft – in the shadow of the new European Central Bank premises. What are the values of a society living in an accelerated world between abundance and hunger? Scenes of Urfaust and Faust I are the storyline, implemented on various stages, on moving stage settings, in and around the audience, on stilts and hanging over the audience. antagons production is mostly non-verbal but more vivid, expressive physical theater and modern dance.

Further national and international theatre shows from the UK and Italy will be presented as well as Music and Dance Acts within the Project.

Workshop within the Contact Zones-Project:
(27.07-2015 – 29.07.2015 Workshop – 30.07.2015 : Final Presentation of Workshop Results)

A physical workshop is offered within the Festival in order to realize the exchange of European competences. The workshop intends to explore the public space in 3 days by reflecting upon the question how history and memories of a space and the city of Frankfurt/ Main affects the artistic creation. The workshop will have free entrance, maximum 20 people, selected by CV.

Art Residency within the Contact Zones-Project:
(20.07. – 25.07.2015 / Final Presentation of Results: 26.07.2015)
For a week Artists from Italy, the UK and Germany will meet to reflect on the creative dimension of public spaces and show the resultats in a final presentation at the last day.

Full programme can be found here >>