Performing Arts in Urban Space


Artists - Great Yarmouth


18th/20th September

International Festival of Street Arts and Circus

Great Yarmouth

Contact Zones brings together partners in the UK, Italy and Germany to explore artistic practice and showcase outstanding outdoor arts at the out there international festival of street arts and circus from 18-20th September 2015.


Friday 18th of September 2015

Ondadurto Teatro (Italy)
C’era Una Volta (Once Upon a Time)
St Nicolas Car Park

theatre_international_ondadurto_teatro25_7This spectacular multimedia outdoor show draws on favourite fairy tales and legends to create a colourful, enchanting revue combining physical theatre, circus, dance, machinery, fireworks, video and music.

A cast of fairy tale characters come together in this not-so-predictable fairy story. In a mixed-up, surreal and noir-ish world, the distinction between good and evil is not as clear-cut as we might expect.

With the action moving from real life to a fantasy world, taking in everything from a beauty salon to gangster-style Chicago, this colourful and dramatic show will delight all ages.


Saturday 19th / Sunday 20th September 2015

Theater PasParTouT (Germany)
Regent Road
Saturday 19th September 13:00 & 16.15
Sunday 20th September 14.30 & 16.15

Market Place
Saturday 19th September 14.30
Sunday 20th September 13.00

Cock TalesA trio of comical, magnificently-feathered, human-sized poultry strut around playing musical instruments and doing lots of silly things to entertain the audience. There’s the puffed up, vain, quarrelsome cockerel, the nagging mother hen and the rickety old chicken who’s only fit for stew pot.


Johan Lorbeer (Germany)
Tazan/Leg Standing
90 mins
Market Place
Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September 13:30

Johan Lorbeer 1You won’t believe your eyes when you see this gravity-defying ‘still-life’ performance! German artist Johan Lorbeer floats in mid air against the side of a building – suspended by just one hand. Remaining in this seemingly impossible position for hours at a time, he becomes a living sculpture, interacting with the audience below.


Lost in Translation Circus (UK)
Voyage Fantastique
St George’s Park
A story in four acts: Saturday 19th September 12.30pm, 13:50, 15:15, 16:30

Voyage FantastiqueWelcome to the wonderful world of Cyrano Savinien de Bergerac – an eccentric dreamer and inventor who wants to travel to the moon. Today he has gathered an eclectic crew from around the world to help him realise his dream.
Utilising spectacular aerial and acrobatic skills, odd ball characters, and a steampunk inspired mechanical set, join Cyrano and his team on their amazing adventures. Come and see the whole adventure spread across the day, or pop in to see a little snippet of the story!