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Margine Operativo

Margine Operativo (Operating Margin) is a multidisciplinary artistic project / company.
It is active in the spheres of theatre, performance arts and video.
Since its early stages, Margine Operativo took on a multiform nature that pushed it to engage with various dimensions of artistic and cultural production. It is in the group’s DNA to think of arts as a device that can trigger change and strive for connections with other projects /artists/spaces. Margine Operativo each year produces the multidisciplinary festival Attraversamenti Multipli ( 2001 – 2015).
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ONDADURTO TEATRO is an international company founded in 2005, based in Rome Italy.

Physical Theatre, Nouveau Cirque and Gesture are essential parts of our productions, combined with the use of Big Objects in movement, Machineries, Fireworks, games of Water, Video projections and Music. Every years ONDADURTO TEATRO organizes both the inEURoff festival and inBORGO festival.
The social theatre workshops is the third part of our core business: since 2006, we were active in the Gypsy Camps using theatre and art as ways for creating connections and exchanges between cultures.
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logo_protagon03protagon e.V. – friends and supporters of free theater action“ is organizing social-cultural projects, workshops and seminars dedicated to themes of the theatre genre and performing arts. 
Activities are addressed to the public of the region, to partner organizations and individuals from all over Europe too.
One important goal achieved is the establishment of a cultural centre in the east of Frankfurt city. Another is the realization of the international theatre festival in Frankfurt called „Sommerwerft“. Through this 17 days long summer festival, protagon has become an important part in the cultural landscape of the Rhein-Main region.
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seachangearts_logo_newGreat Yarmouth based but collaborating internationally, SeaChange are an independent arts development charity. Dedicated to delivering outstanding Circus and Street Arts events, their focus grows naturally from the seaside town’s rich performance heritage and provides an accessible medium for all kinds of projects, interventions and activities.
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Collaboration / Associated partners

Attraversamenti Multipli

Attraversamenti Multipli (Multiple Crossovers) is a multidisciplinary festival ( theatre-dance-performances-music-comics-video–street art). Attraversamenti Multipli investigates relations and interferences between contemporary artistic languages and the present, by proposing artistic events in unusual urban spaces in the city of Rome. From 2001 to 2014 Margine Operativo organised the festival. Attraversamenti Multipli hosted dozens of artists from both the Italian and international contemporary scene. With a special focus on the independent and “new” scene, the festival chose uncommon locations and organised workshops and conferences, reaching out to a wide and diversified audience. The festival’s mission is to bring performance arts in inhabited spaces and unusual areas, so as to interact with a vast variety of people and use such artistic actions to enhance the spaces themselves – seeing them in as spaces of life and relations.
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inBORGO Performing Arts Festival is a festival near RIETI in BORGO VELINO.
A journey that is articulated through various narrative elements and techniques: from performing arts to nouveau cirque, dance and video art.

Urban Theatre can change commonly used venues, transforming them into meeting, playing and pondering places, leaving them pervaded of its atmosphere far beyond the real time of the performance. The distinctive feature of the festival is its multidisciplinary approach, with events that use techniques and specific languages or their mixture.
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sommerwerft-logoSommerwerft – Theater, music , poetry , dance, film and other arts invigorate this place in Frankfurt, directly beside the Main river, from 17.7.- 2.8.2015 
At the Weseler Werft, between Flößer- and Osthafenbrücke, protagon e.V. creates a welcoming place with theater and culture in public space. More than 100 programmpoints: indoor and outdoor theater, the singer and songwriter concert series , Dance Night , Open Air Cinema, Flowmarkt , beer garden, bars and many live performances . Free admission! 
organized by protagon e.V.
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Out There Festival – Now one of the UK’s leading circus and street arts festivals, Out There features some of the world’s finest, funniest, most mind-boggling, jaw dropping shows. Regularly attracting more than 50,000 people, international acts and the finest UK performers, it provide massive amounts of community participation, family and hands-on activities.


litlogosmalltransparentLost in Translation Circus – Resident company with Seachange Arts – UK based up and coming contemporary circus company LIT Circus creates indoor and outdoor work integrating high level circus skills with theatre, narrative and music created with a talented multi-cultural team. LIT Circus is passionate about sharing their skills and through their education arm delivers the circus program for Seachange Arts as well as other local and national organisations.
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