Performing Arts in Urban Space


Artists - Rome
PROGRAM 1 > 11 october 2015

8 october 2015 h. 19.30

Largo Spartaco – Roma – outdoor
in Attraversamenti Multipli

urban site specific performance
artists from >
Italy + Kurdistan / Austria + Mexico

International Project MEGALOPOLIS


The performance is the result of the OPEN CALL# 43, a 3 days workshop adressed to 43 students/actors/dancers/performers. A special event born within the International project MEGALOPOLIS created and directed by Instabili Vaganti (Italy). In the step developed in Rome, the project will include the participation in the performance of Marta Tabacco, Italian dancer, and Hector Padilla Isunza, Mexican dancer, and the collaboration of Lalish Teater Labor (Kurdistan/Austria) in the direction of the workshop.

Megalopolis#Rome will be a performing action, a political act, able to join the numerous performances of artists, students and citizens happening all over the world in order to react to the forced disappearence of the 43 Mexican students in Ayotzinapa, become the symbol of the fight against the forced disappearances in Mexico. An urban mass performance that will invade the spaces of Largo Spartaco with rhythmical steps, runs and symbolic actions created developing the suggestions coming from the protests and the demonstrations happening all over the world seeking justice for Ayotzinapa. An international cast that involves, in the team of Instabili Vaganti, Mexican and Italian dancers besides the chorus of 43 people taking part in the workshop.

9 october 2015 h. 22
Garage Zero, via Treviri Roma

site specific – experimental voice and visual performance
Research Center of Theater and Performance Culture / AUSTRIA
The door of sand
Performance/work in progress
“the door of sand” is a visual, sensuous, poetic and ritual performance, based on experimental voice and vocal technique and and special larynx songtechnique with own artistic language of  Nigar Hasib and Shamal Amin, and an short text in old Celtic. 
Audience will sit or standing in an open circle to experience the Happening. The performance will be presented as a site-specific event in the particular and suggestive  spaces of Garage Zero.

Directed by: Shamal Amin
Performer: Nigar Haisb, Shamal Amin and a select group of the workshop participants 

9 – 10 october 2015

h.19 > 24 – @ Garage Zero, via Treviri – ROMA –
in Attraversamenti Multipli

street art performance

LucamaleonteLUCAMALEONTE | Italy

Lucamaleonte was born in 1983 in Rome, where he still lives and works. He studied as a fine art restaurator at the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro, and he started working on the street in 2001.
During the first period Lucamaleonte used weatpastes and stickers, but soon he also focused on working on canvas. His stencil style is a trademark, multilayer stencils technique involves the bigger part of his production. He changed media in 2013, starting a new research based on illustrations and old engraving technique.
He took part in more than fifty exhibition between solo shows and collectives all over the world. From 2009 to present the works of Lucamaleonte has also been shown in several exhibitions in the stands for Traffic Gallery among which was the MiArt 2009-2010 in Milan, Bergamo BAF 2010-2011, The ArtVerona 2009 in Verona, Scope Basel 2010 in Basel, Munich StrokeArtFair 2011-2012 in Monaco of Bavaria, Berlin StrokeArtFair 2011 in Berlin, at Art First 2012 in Bologna, Blooom 2011 in Koln and Roma Contemporary 2012 at Macro.


10 October 2015

h. 21 – @ Garage Zero, via Treviri – ROMA –
in Attraversamenti Multipli

happening > theatre + music + rap + video + comics



Metropoli Meravigliosa is a fantastic happening, a multi-discipline and site-specific performance, an action of artistic co-working created for the Attraversamenti Multipli festival, in cooperation with the European project Contact Zones.This multiple show/event was designed by Margine Operativo and created involving single artists and collectives from the independent contemporary scene of the city of Rome, ranging from theater to urban poetry/rap, from music to comics, from video-making to comics. A show/journey which connects and assembles different artistic codes/languages, into a specific entity comprising urban cultures and the bodies/voices of the actors and musicians involved.
How does a city speak? What does it talk about? To whom? What is its language? Perhaps a city speaks through the artistic languages it has created and fostered in its streets.
The city recounts itself through an awesome and rhythmical happening that reveals the metropolis as a protean incarnation of life. A visual and auditory itinerary through the inner city, a journey where the city recounts itself and is recounted through rapping words always tending to poetry, through the performing bodies and the music, which gathers and pursues the city’s vital pulse. All while facing “out of focus”.
Idea: Margine Operativo – Direction: Pako Graziani e Alessandra Ferraro
Performers: Sylvia De Fanti, Tiziano Panici, Nicola Danesi De Luca, Jacopo Fulgi, Militant A, Indo, Andrea Cota, Sandrino Trampet, Toni Bruno
Original music: Militant A / Assalti Frontali – Indo / JunglaBeat – Andrea Cota
Video: Margine Operativo Comics live: Toni Bruno  –

11 october h. 16.30

Largo Spartaco – Roma
in Attraversamenti Multipli


A metropolitan clown trying to blow up everything and everyone, including himself!
Playing on fear and tension that this creates in the audience, it surprised everyone by creating absurd situations interspersed with twists, games of smoke, explosions and unexpected stinging jokes!
The frenetic pace of the character a bit crazy, a bit magic, a bit “pyrotechnical”.

Benjamin Delmas Facebook

4 october h. 16.30

Centrale Preneste Teatro | Pigneto – Roma


madame rebinéMADAME REBINÉ | France
” A hero on the sofa”
There was a time when super Cosimo was the strongest man in the world. For many years he was engaged in cosmic flights, stunning, heroic rescues and running widely through the stars. For many years he had incredible adventures, looking just like he was invincible. Then one day, without warning, he lost all his powers . Goodbye jumps bursting and bewitching smiles, goodbye extendable arms and piercing eye. Nothing more he could do and shut himself up at home, waiting …

Madame Rebiné’s website