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Under 25 - Rome

Under 25 @ Contact Zones @ Rome is a networking project realized in cooperation between Attraversamenti Multipli 2015 and Dominio Pubblico.

The networking between these two artistic project from Rome is focused on co-devising one of the stages of the “Under 25” project.

“Dominio Pubblico / All in Festival” is a project by Dominio Pubblico (comprising Orologio Theater, Argot Theater and ATCL) which is targeted at involving a group of 100 high-school youths under the age of 25 and takes place in different stages.

During the first step the youths were involved as active spectators of the 2014/2015 Dominio Pubblico review with a vision workshop.

In the second step they were actively involved as organizers in independently creating the “All In Festival”, which was dedicated to under-25 artists.

The third step takes place at Attraversamenti Multipli / Contact Zones and consists in involving the Under 25 group in the programming activities for Attraversamenti Multipli 2015 and Contact Zones @ Rome ad active and multitasking observers.

The youths will monitor all the artistic actions, the performances and the backstage of Contact Zones, reporting live via social networks – Facebook and Twitter – and via a dedicated blog where they will publish photos, videos, speculations, critical reviews and interviews to artists and spectators alike.

They will also create an autonomous and independent multimedia field journal recounting the various steps of Contact Zones @ Rome.