Pallino per pagineBORGO VELINO / ANTRODOCO / ROME (Italy)
Hosted by Ondadurto Teatro

 Short description and link to the festivals:

A real mix of urban and narrative theatre, new circus, performing arts and video art, where the shows are invited to celebrate the meeting of cultures, of different forms of expression and of genres. INBORGO FESTIVAL is the Cultural Laboratory of ONDADURTO TEATRO. With its activity contributes to audience theatre education, with particular attention on new generations, and to raising awareness of public to arts and culture. The festival is constantly working for the development of languages in performing arts and other artistic expressions, in particular in the field of urban theater and street art.

An encounter between different expressive languages in an urban setting. Site-specific theatre, contemporary circus, documentary films, large scale shows, dance, music-concerts. The chosen venues play a vital role: EUR and TRASTEVERE. The first venue is the cornerstone of the Roman Business District. Due to its unique architectural features, EUR proposes the ideal proportions and scenographic backdrop to give life to various kinds of artistic productions, such as large-scale spectacles and site-specific shows.
The second one is the downtown of the city, in the neighborhood of the Movida of Rome.

Dates of the festivals:
INBORGO FESTIVAL will take places from 16.08 to 18.08.2019

INEUROFF FESTIVAL will take places 08 / 09 / 29.08 2019

The selected artists / groups will be hosted in a B & B near the festival location.
Max for 2 days/2 nights. Food during 2 days will be covered.


Pallino per pagineROME (Italy)
Hosted by Margine Operativo

Short description and link to the festival:
ATTRAVERSAMENTI MULTIPLI (Multiple Crossovers) is a multidisciplinary festival (theater-dance- site-specific -music-comics-video–street art) created by Margine Operativo on a yearly basis since 2001. Attraversamenti Multipli investigates relationships and interferences between contemporary artistic languages and the present, by proposing artistic events in unusual urban spaces in the city of Rome. Attraversamenti Multipli hosted artists from both the Italian and international contemporary scene, with a special focus on the independent and “new” scene. The festival mission is to bring performance arts in inhabited spaces and unusual areas, to interact with a vast variety of people and use such artistic actions to enhance the spaces themselves – seeing them in as spaces of life and relationships.
Website: attraversamentimultipli.it |
Facebook: facebook.com/attraversamentimultipli |
Twitter: twitter.com/Attraversamen

Dates of the festival:
Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 will take places from 14.09 to 28.09.2019
(show days: 14,15,20,21,22,27,28 )

The selected artists / groups will be hosted in a B & B near the festival location.
Max for 2 days/2 nights. Food during 2 days will be covered.

location of the festival /space for the performances:
Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 is part of a three-years project (2017> 2019). For 3 years the festival interacts with some spaces of the “Quadraro”, a popular district of Rome. The festival has its “fulcrum” in the pedestrian area of Largo Spartaco and in the nearby areas. The festival also involves “Garage Zero”, an independent contemporary art gallery / performance space, born out of a redevelopment of an abandoned space.
YOU CAN SEE THE SPACES ON THE SITE > attraversamentimultipli.it