Residence - Borgo Velino/Antrodoco


Residence from April 4 to April 18 2019
– LAB with the school April 12
– Tryout of the work in residence April 17

UnterWasser is a group founded in 2014 by Valeria Bianchi, Aurora Buzzetti and Giulia De Canio. The company researches the poetic, evocative and communicative potential of Visual Theatre.
Its first production “OUT” (2015) has achieved the following awards: Eolo Awar 2016, best visual show; Ravasio Foundation Award 2016; Special mention Festebà 2015; Special mention Premio Scenario Infanzia 2014. In 2018 it’s new show MAZE has debuted in Festival Città delle 100 Scale (Potenza).
Maze is a live, cinematic shadow puppet show in which tridimensional bodies and sculptures are projected on a big screen.

The company is now attending an artistic Residence in Antrodoco (in the CONTACT ZONES / Periferie Artistiche Residence) for the creation of the show Amarbarì, a shadow art performance designed to envelop a small audience of “travellers”. The show is an evolution of the homonymous art installation, originally created for RomaEuropa Festival 2018.
The public will be surrounded by white panels onto which shadows of glass, wood and wire sculptures are projected.


International Residence from 19.11.2018 to 03.12.2018


  • LAB with the school 29.11.2018
  • Tryout of the work in residence 01.12.2018

THIS ARTISTIC PROJECT revolves around hosting artists in residency finalized to the making of creative projects characterized by the different disciplines of performing arts (dance, music, drama). It is a project that focuses on multidisciplinary approaches and hybridization, where young artists are encouraged to make their own projects. Moreover, the goal Is promoting a dialogue between artists and territories, with interviews, research and actions aiming towards the production of innovative staging.

The international visiting company Cia ALTA GAMA will be in residency in ANTRODOCO (Rieti). Their practice is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach that ranges from dance to urban theatre to contemporary circus.

The artists will be working on producing the performance INDIVISO, which will involve the audience and make it participate actively in it. The artists onstage will be accompanied and supported by the very spectators. “Trusting each other, trusting that a hand will be stretched in time to catch our fall, we trust that the “humanity” in the audience will not let me fall… we trust in the power of collectiveness.”

Through movement, weight, instructions and a bicycle, the artists will build a dialogue with the audience. The bicycle will be employed as a tool for “communication” by means of acrobatic stunts that will involve the public.