“Cross the Borders & Performing Arts” – Creative processes and community-building plans


The meeting was an opportunity to talk about the actions carried out by the project partners. Also, during the conference, new goals were defined and the results of the two editions of the project assessed.

Together with the participants, Contact Zones partners reflected on the challenges posed by our constantly changing context, where the need to create (and re-create) a sense of community among citizens has become increasingly pressing.

The conference featured the participation of public institutions representatives along with national and international guests. Participants shared ideas and good practices, which could implement effective and sustainable models, as well as open windows on new cultural practices focused on inclusion and internationalization.








Date: February 21, 2020


Venue: Teatro Sant’Agostino – Antrodoco (RI)

Hosted by: Ondadurto Teatro


11:00 Opening session and institutional welcome addresses


11:30   First panel

Context: issues and cultural resources of non-urban and rural areas


13:00   Lunch


14:30   Second panel

Audiences, non-audiences and new audiences in non-urban and rural areas


16:00   Break


16:30   Third panel

Site-specific: the streets can tell a story


18:00   Closing session and refreshment


20:00   Dinner