The Contact Zones project in Denmark will connect the expertise of Danig Performing Arts Service in developing projects and international collaborations and the facilities of BIRCA – Bækkelund Inetrnational Residency Center for Artists established in 2017 at the island of Bornholm. The project will host young artists working in the crossoverfields of performing arts and street art/site-specific work in residencies, workshops and performances – and will in doing so collaborate with different partners in Denmark.

The artists, the performances, the residences, the videobox and the workshops planned at Bornholm by Contact Zones, all share the same characteristic of blending different artistic languages, stressing in an innovative way the initial genres, cross-breeding them and making them meet with other languages, unusual locations and new audiences.

Contact Zones @ Bornholm aimes at being a multi-discipline, multifaceted and “crossbred” entity, welcoming in a mutual dialogue different artistic practices, ranging from contemporary scenic arts to contemporary visual arts such as theater, dance, site-specific performance, music, street art.

Contact Zones @ Bornholm will offer two workshops for artists both at BIRCA:

  1. Artistic Entrepreneurship for performing artists with leader of Danig Performing ARts Service Susanne Danig, Jens Frimann Hansen/Passage Festival and Anna Giribet/Artistic director of Fira Tarrega – 27-30/6 – see more here

We also offer at BIRCA 3 residencies for international artists who wants to explore new outdoor works in nature and in cityspaces based on movement work – these are taking place in the periode of 10/7-10/8. Participants to residencies has been selected upon an open call and is: Teater Bæst/Denmark and DuquesnayLavrennikov/several nationalities (both connected to festival) and Birgitte Lundtoft/Julie Schmidt from Denmark.

Contact Zones @ Bornholm will take place 28/7 presenting the following companies selected in an open call:

  • Teater Fluks/Denmark – Flygtning Transportable
  • Teater Bæst/Denmark – Flugt
  • DuquesnayLavrennikov/Multiple nationalities – Groundless Ground
  • Carlo Massari/C&C company/Italien – AS A DEAD WEIGHT
  • Dávid Somló/Ungarn – Mandala
  • Ida Maria Tjalv/Denamrk – Alterpieces
  • Melanie Hagedorn/Germany – Hang Loose
  • Aslak Gärtner/Cirkus i Soldalen/Denmark – Platter

Contact Zones @ Bornholm will also engage in audience development  – there will be a videobox at the open street events investigating the audiences responds to borders and tresspassing, a group of Under 25 following the project and investigating different approaches to theatre and how it affects the young audiences, and an international contest on social media.

The Contact Zones project in Denmark will 19-20 November 19 together with the Passage Fetsival and the Metropolis Festival in Copenhagen host a symposium on FESTIVALS AS A DEMOCRATIC CONVERSATION – a reflection on how festivals can incorporate and discuss topics important to the context they are presented in targeting site-specific/streetart performance art.