We offer at BIRCA 3 residencies for international artists who wants to explore new outdoor works in nature and in cityspaces based on movement work – these are taking place in the periode of 10/7-10/8. Participants to residencies has been selected upon an open call and is: Teater Bæst/Denmark and DuquesnayLavrennikov/several nationalities (both connected to festival) and Birgitte Lundtoft/Julie Schmidt from Denmark.

Duquesnay Lavrennikov

International Residence 10-27.07.2019

The duo collaboration between Dasha Lavrennikov & Manon Duquesnay, started in 2017, working between public spaces, local communities and artistic residencies – the streets and studios – in Brazil, Spain, Russia & Denmark. It has been essential for them to connect with local artistic

platforms, in order to establish multi-way exchanges enriching their work and supporting the existing community. Their research emerges from a cross-pollination of artistic languages, which has created the possibility for art that transitions between a multiplicity of formats. *Company CV attached in mail.

Teater Bæst (Denmark)

Residence 24-27.07.2019

Teater Bæst works with interactive, site-specific and multimedia productions. We always base our projects on in depth research on an academic, social and artistic level. Teater Bæst wishes to confront its audience with the many hidden and suppressed themes in the modern human being, as well as in the society where it resides.

Birgitte Lundtoft/Julie Schmidt (Denmark)

Residence 31.07-07.08.2019

They has for many years been dealing with nature in and around man with works like “Signature of Site” and “My Land is Your Land” at the Landshape Land Art Festival 2015-2016, Art By the Channel 2016, Amager Nature Center, Twis Mill Nature Laboratory 2017. Herethey have worked on how different age groups could have different roles both as audiences, participants and performers. Also in this research our relationship with “Participants”, “audience”, “performers” is ambiguous – just like in the blue hour – it goes from the roles being clear and defined to merging and dissolving completely.