– a reflection on how festivals can incorporate and discuss topics important to the context they are presented in targeting site-specific/streetart performance artTopics discussed:

Site-specific/streetart performance art – how to develop and present new work and engagement and how to use our platforms to engage in democratic discussions.
An exchange of experiences from EU projects and networks in this field.
Presentation of festivals and networking projects and how they work to find new work.

Organized by Danig Performing Arts Service / Contact Zones Project together with Metropolis – Københavns Internationale Teater, PASSAGE·Festival – international street theatre in Helsingør & Helsingborg and Teaterøenrepresenting 3 current projects in Creative Europe:Contact Zones Project, Roundabout Europe andIn Situ – European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space.




How to combine/interfere/think in a global way and act in a local way. Questions, challenges, solutions, models.

Participants: Alfred Konijnenbelt/Spoffin (N), Ernestina Cianca & Armando De Silvestri/INTEROCRE (IT), Lorenzo Pasquali/Ondadurto Teatro (IT), Betina Birkjær/Luna Park (DK)

SUSANNE DANIG is the owner of Danig Performing Arts Service and of the residency center

BIRCA on the danish island Bornholm.

ERNESTINA CIANCA is vice-major of the municipality of Antrodoco (Italy) and Associate Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Dept. of Electronic Engineering.

ARMANDO DE SILVESTRI is president of Interocrea, young cultural association, student in mechanical engineering at University of L’Aquila.

ALFRED KONIJNENBELT is founder and artistic director of Spoffin in Amersfoort, one of the main street arts festivals in The Netherlands. He is also the initiator and coordinator of Roundabout Europe.

BETINA BIRKJÆR is the artistic director of Luna Park, an stage art platform for performance art for children and young adults. Betina is now working on a trilogy investigating the urban space as a stage.


Street theatre festivals are considered to be successful in gathering new audiences and reaching out to social classes and geographic areas that are normally not represented in the arts. Has this development happened at the price of artistic quality? Are street theatre festivals still productive for the genuine and free independent artist and the exclusive artistic content?

Participants: Guillaume Paoli (DE), Monna Dithmer (DK) and Jens Frimann

JENS FRIMANN HANSEN is Director of Helsingør Teater. He is Artistic Director of the street theatre festivals PASSAGE Festival in Elsinore (DK) and SO-Festival in Skegness (UK).

GUILLAUME PAOLI is a philosopher from France living in Berlin. Has been working at the theatre of Leipzig and has been organizing ROTE SALONS at Volksbühne.

MONNA DITHMER is a theatre critic at the newspaper Politiken. She has been following Danish and international performing arts since the 1980es. She is a researcher at Roskilde Universitet Center (RUC).


A presentation by Trevor Davies on the changing role of the artist in an extended understanding of the urban context which has developed over the past decades and where the trajectory  from street theatre to site based performance / installations  to  integral urban performance takes performance into arenas and territories  which require new skill sets, new critical thinking and new partnerships. Video and photo presentation  from work in Metropolis will provide examples of this practice. The presentation  will also touch on opportunities for art based practice and social/urban strategies which open up for new  trans-sectoral  collaborations and funding.

TREVOR DAVIES is the founder og director of KIT, who runs the Metropolis festival.

18.00 Dinner at Teaterøen/Cafe

20.00 Performance/Magneten: Groundless Ground by Duqlav Dance

Duqlav Dance was in residency and performed during the Contact Zones project in Denmark. We ask the question: How to cultivate and perform a groundless ground (a ground beyond territoriality), in which to play, risk, dance and co-exist together? Groundless Ground is a dance performance, nourished and ignited by a transcultural group of individuals who have experienced migration as an inherent reality and necessity of their lives and stories, for very different reasons including: being able to exercise the right to dance, as an act of political dissent, out of love, to study, in search of hope, for pleasure, for the desire to re-root. A universe emerges on stage that takes us beyond a known sense of place, a sense of reinvented belonging, a common rhythm in reverberation, a carnivalesque hope. The bodies of the performers remain in transit, navigating and overcoming the collective shipwreck, celebrating new lands beyond laws, in the subsoil of our imaginary.

21.00 After talk and hang out

Before the end of the evening everybody will choose which of the 3 subjects to debate the next day – and we will form groups of 7-8 persons. Each person is asked to hand in a note with their choice and 1-2 sentences on what they will contribute with.


9.30 Arrival and coffee

10.00 Group debates 6-8 groups on panel topics.

Each placed in different areas around the space. All participants will be asked to contribute with a 3 min speak on the subject choosen. Each group have a facilitator and a notetaker (small rapport should be submitted in writing after and send to all participants).

12.30 Lunch at the Teaterøen/café with 3 min presentations from groups


Presentation of Contact Zones performing arts in urban space

A network project between 4 European organizations working with art in urban spaces and focussed on young imerging artists. Presentation by Lorenzo Pasquali/Ondadurto Teatro (IT) & video edit by Margine Operativo (IT) in collaboration with partners

Presentation of Roundabout Europe

Roundabout Europe is a cooperation between five outdoor arts festivals in Europe with the aim to stimulate the creation of high quality street arts and professionalisation of the artists. Presented by Alfred Konijnenbelt

Presentation of Insitu by Katrien Verwilt & Louise Kaare Jacobsen

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 DEBATE of young artist giving feedback – moderated by Katrien Verwilt

Contact Zones: Manon Duquesnay & Dasha Lavrennikov/Duqlav Dance, Eja Due/Teater Bæst

Round About Europe: Léa Dant/Théâtre du voyage intérieur

Insitu: Naja Lee Jensen/Haut

Freelance: Kalliopi Siganou

LÉA DANT born in 1974, is a French-American author, director and trainer specialized in street arts; she’s the artistic director of company Théâtre du voyage intérieur (FR) founded in 1999.

MANON DUQUESNAY is a French-Danish dancer, artist, choreographer, teacher and curator. Manon connects dancing, culture and language – speaking 7 of them – with a vital curiosity of the relation internal-external, infinity of body, consciousness, energy and space.

DASHA LAVRENNIKOV is a Russian-American dancer, choreographer, and artist-curator currently living in Barcelona, Spain.  She has been performing, creating, teaching, and lecturing between Europe, Russia, Latin and North America, working and collaborating between a diversity of theater, site specific, museum and gallery spaces, experimenting with the crossovers between artistic, curatorial, and pedagogical practices.

17.00 Round up


Where: Magneten/Teaterøen
When: November 19 and 20, 2019
How to sign up:
What is the official page:
Who can participate: professionals and non-professionals

Note: Program may be subject to changes

Contact Zones Project is promoted by:
Ondadurto Teatro (Italy), Margine Operativo (Italy), Protagon (GERMANY ) , Danig performing arts service (Denmark)