Planning of the project was made in collaboration between Susanne Danig and Ida Marie Tjalve and started in mid-April 2019.

Organising the youth group, PR and marketing was delegated to Ida Marie Tjalve, who was in charge of designing the flier and composing the text for the flier.



Wednesday the 26th of June 2019

A guided tour of Rønne Theatre (by employee at Bornholms Theatre, Kim Caspersen)

An introduction to experimental theatre (by producer Susanne Danig)

An introduction to animation- and object theatre (by performer Ida Marie Tjalve)


Friday the 26th of July 2019

Watch performances at Bornholm International Street Theatre Festival in Hasle – and join us for an informal talk about the shows after the performances.


Saturday the 27th of July 2019

Assist the performer Dávid Somló making patterns for his performance ”Mandala”


Sunday the 28th of July 2019

Contact Zones Festival in Gudhjem. Join us as we walk from place to place watching the different performances:


9:00   ”Escape” by Teater Bæst

10:00   ”Groundless Ground” by DuquesnayLavrennikov

11:00   ”Hang Loose” by Melanie Hagedorn


LUNCH including an informal chat about the morning performances


13:00   ”Platter” by Aslak Gärtner

14:00   ”Transportable Refugees” by Teater Fluks

15:00   ”As a Dead Weight” by C&C company and ”Altar pieces” by Ida Marie Tjalve

16:00  ”Lus i Skindpelsen” by Dansk Rakkerpak

17:00   ”Mandala” by Dávid Somló

18:00   End-of-day discussion conc. the performances of the afternoon – and snacks and drinks!


Friday the 22nd of August 2019

Preview of ”Occupied” at Rønne Teater by Bornholms Teater