Presentation - Frankfurt
protagon e.V. – friends and supporters of independent theatre action

The aims and functions of the non-profit association protagon:

  • supporting and assisting performing arts of independent theatres in public spaces as well as community art projects
  • establishment and encouragement of actions and presentations from theaters and performances in public spaces
  • facilitate access to artistic education through dance classes and workshops
  • organisation of contemporary arts and cultural projects for people in Frankfurt, Europe and worldwide
  • experience exchange and collaboration with artists world wide

To achieve these aims the association protagon provides production venues and facilities for artists. Also we hold rooms and spaces for independent contemporary artists (theatre, dance, actors), theatre groups and other interested groups.

We support independent theatre projects in terms of realisation and production. Protagon realizes workshops for young, middle aged and old, seminars considering topics dealing with performing as well as visual arts. “Transformator” is the series of workshops, held every year from February to november. It is about Theatre, improvisation, dance and more.

We also focus on international cultural and artistic exchange. Together with other theatre projects from the fringe scene protagon works on interchange of knowledge and community arts projects in Frankfurt, Europe and worldwide.

Further protagon organises and realises cross-cultural events. The largest one is the international performance and theatre festival “Sommerwerft”. This festival ( takes place in Frankfurt Main, Germany, every year since 2002. During 17 days over 70.000 people come to experience the programme, offering more than 100 events. All the events are free of charge.

Protagon is founding member of the German alliance of theatre in public spaces.

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Within the project “Contact Zones” the association protagon is planning to realize following three main activities – we will call them “zones”:

  • First zone:          Workshops & Seminars
  • Second zone:     3-Day-Symposium on society’s relevance of theatre in public spaces
  • Third zone:        Theatre shows presented by all partners

First zone: Workshops & Seminars.

In Cooperation with the project, participants exchange of artistic experiences between the partners will take place in our Cultural Center and during the International Sommerwerft Festival.

The aim is sharing synergy and spreading it to the local community. Participants will gain practical knowledge of theatre arts as well as dance technics and skills or to enhance already existing abilities.

The workshops can either take place within the series of workshops of “Transformator”, or within the annual international “Sommerwerft” festival in Frankfurt/Main.

Long-term Laboratories or Residency participants are able to be host in our artist guest apartments.

Second zone: 3-Day-Symposium on society´s relevance of theatre in public spaces

With a 3-Day Symposium and together with the participants of “Contact Zone” we will focus on evaluations, discussions, theatre performances and community art projects regarding relevancies in public spaces and postdramatic.

With a large effort this symposium is planned for a wide range of independent artist, institutional representatives as well as public. We invite experts like International theatre directors, artists, cultural activists, politicians, organizers and scientists to contribute their knowledge and experiences to participants and guests. Theory and practice shell be combined, professionally analysed and conclusions, facts and figures shell be revealed.

Panel discussions, lectures, presentations, short films, site-specific performances and other activities will go hand in hand with the issue of these days.

  • Can theatre in public space modify, change or tend to favour social connections?
  • Can it contribute multicultural dialogue and encounter?
  • Can it influence the citizen´s sense of responsibility towards shared spaces and democracy?
  • What does pubic space mean today and how is it used?
  • What is the intention of theatre in public space?
  • How may societies use new ways of celebrating theatre culture and social processes nowadays?

All “Contact Zone” participants / partners will carry out the aims of the genre and introduce their own parts. The results will offer examples and show opportunities on sustainable society development in cities as well as rural areas.

Unfortunately free access to art and culture is less. However it is a special social cultural area: public space. It shows a societies culture in the way people counter and use these rooms.

Participation through theatre on open space will be discussed and partly practiced with regional and international guests and be open for public. Through inclusion of the audience consciousness and abilities may rise, can be changed, adjusted to needs that strengthen life quality in many ways.

The Symposium will be an important moment to create and reflect the confrontation and dispute of the intent and purpose of theatre in public space and community art projects between diverse representatives working in the areas of arts, politics, science as well as the interested audience.

The Symposium is planned take place parallel to the international theatre festival “Sommerwerft”in Frankfurt, which is the largest one in the Rhein-Main-Region and plays an important role in the socio-cultural development of Frankfurt/Main.

Third zone: theatre shows presented by all partners.

Performance of three theatre shows presented by the European partners of this project within the annual international “Sommerwerft” theater festival in Frankfurt/Main.

The “Sommerwerft” Festival ( is an international Theatre Festival in Frankfurt/Main/Germany, taking place since 2002.

The festival is annually organised by the non profit partner organisation “protagon e.V. – Friends & Supporters of free Theatre Actions”.

During the 17 festival days – over 70.000 people come to see the programme, consisting of over 100 events. All the events are free of charge and are visited by regional and national public.

The Project plans will provide PR-Work like press releases for the media in Rhein-Main, inform through flyer and posters, call out general calls and distribute invitations to raise awareness and enhance this theme effectively.