Pallino per pagineFRANKFURT AM MAIN (Germany)
Hosted by Protagon


Short description and link to the festival:
SOMMERWERFT – This international theatre festival is a unique event in Frankfurt behind the European Central Bank at the river Main. Theatre, music, poetry, dance, film and other arts , the contrast between freedom and standards and between tradition and modernity in our city is seldom found so clearly as on these 17 days of festival, where all cultural events are for free. With over 300 volunteers working and more than 500 artists performing it is also a symbol of a collective will for free culture for everyone.
Website: Sommerwerft.de | Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Sommerwerft-Theater-Festival

Dates of the festival: from 19.07. to 04.08.2019

Accommodation: The artists will stay in one of the unique artist accommodation places on the “Protagon – culture&production site”.
They will share the living space in a collective way with other artists and cultural manager that live and/or work there.
We include transport, accommodation, and food.