Pallino per pagineFRANKFURT AM MAIN (Germany)
Hosted by Protagon

WINTERWERFT is an international culture and theatre festival that focuses in a creative and critical way important questions and challenges of our present.
We connect people, artists, scientists, storytellers, researcher, musicians and audience, we create a space in the winter around the fire, around the stage, to pause for a moment and tell each other our stories. What stories are there to find new ways of looking at our crisis and our chances for tomorrow?
Website: winterwerft.de – Facebook: facebook.com/winterwerft

Dates of the residency: from 11.02. to 24.02.2019

SOMMERWERFT – This international theatre festival is a unique event in Frankfurt behind the European Central Bank at the river Main. Theatre, music, poetry, dance, film and other arts , the contrast between freedom and standards and between tradition and modernity in our city is seldom found so clearly as on these 17 days of festival, where all cultural events are for free. With over 300 volunteers working and more than 500 artists performing it is also a symbol of a collective will for free culture for everyone.
Website: Sommerwerft.de | Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Sommerwerft-Theater-Festival

Dates of the residency: from 19.07. to 04.08.2019

The artists will stay in one of the unique artist accommodation places on the “protagon – culture & production site”.
They will share the living space in a collective way with other artists and cultural manager that live and/or work there.
We will offer bedrooms, rehearsal spaces and living rooms.
We include transport, accommodation, and food.

Pallino per pagineBORNHOLM ISLAND (Denmark)
Hosted by Danig Performing Arts Service and BIRCA

At BIRCA we offer 4 residencies for international artists who want to explore new outdoor works in nature and in cityscapes based on movement work – these are taking place in the period of 5-19/7. The selected groups are also invited and expected to be part of the two workshops we host on Artistic Entrepreneurship 27-30/6 and Creation process 2-4/7. We will select 2 solo-projects and 2 projects with up to 4 persons. birca.org

Dates of the residency: from 05.07 to 19.07.2019

selected artists/groups will stay at BIRCA, where bedrooms (1 room for solo-artists, 2 rooms for groups), rehearsal spaces and living rooms are at disposal. The residency will cover food in the period and local transportation.

Pallino per pagineBORGO VELINO / ANTRODOCO (Italy)
Hosted by Ondadurto Teatro

In the frame of PERIFERIE ARTISTICHE, Art Residency Project we offer residencies for international artists who want to investigate in the frame of Circus and Urban Theatre. The venue is in an Ancient Church transformed in an theatre in a small Village in the Mountains close by the city of Rieti.
At the same time squares / river banks / parks are at disposal to test / to have try out of the working process.
The selected groups are also invited to present or to have an open session of their works, free entrance for all the people of the village and open talk with the audience at the end.
They also have to explain their work to the children (11-15 years hold) of some classes in the school of the village of Antrodoco.

We will select solo-projects and projects with max 4 persons. facebook.com/periferieartistiche

Dates of the residency: all 2019 for at least 15 days

selected artists/groups will stay at Antrodoco, where will be at disposal an house in the heart of the village (1 room for solo-artists, 2 rooms for groups + chitchen and facilities).
The residency will cover food in the period.

Pallino per pagineROME (Italy)
Hosted by Margine Operativo
all residencies are part of the festival ATTRAVERSAMENTI MULTIPLI 2019

Attraversamenti Multipli (Multiple Crossovers) is a multidisciplinary festival (theater- dance-site specific-music-comics-video–street art) created by Margine Operativo on yearly basis since 2001. Attraversamenti Multipli investigates relations and interferences between contemporary artistic languages and the present, by proposing artistic events in unusual urban spaces in the city of Rome.
We offer at Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 > 1 residency for international artists and 2 residencies for national artist.
We will select projects with up to 4 persons.
The site specific performance created during the residency will be presented during the Attraversamenti Multipli festival 2019
The festival’s mission is to bring performance arts in inhabited spaces and unusual areas, so as to interact with a vast variety of people and use such artistic actions to enhance the spaces themselves – seeing them as spaces of life and relationships.
Website: attraversamentimultipli.it |
Facebook: facebook.com/attraversamentimultipli |
Twitter: twitter.com/Attraversamen

Dates of the residency: from 09.09 to 27.09.2019
Each residency can have a duration of 7 days
Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 will take places from 14 to 28 September 2019
(performance days: 14,15,20,21,22,27,28 )

Th selected artist/artists / groups will be hosted in a B & B or in a apartment near the festival location. The residency will cover food in the period.

Location of the festival / space for the residency and site-specific:
Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 is part of a three-years project (2017> 2019). For 3 years the festival interacts with some spaces of the “Quadraro”, a popular district of Rome. The festival and the residency has its “fulcrum” in the pedestrian area of Largo Spartaco and in the nearby areas. The festival also involves “Garage Zero”, an independent contemporary art gallery / performance space, born out of a redevelopment of an abandoned space.
YOU CAN SEE THE SPACES ON THE SITE > attraversamentimultipli.it