Presentation - Rome

The Contact Zones project develops / amplifies at a European level the artistic research of Margine Operativo on the relations / mixtures between contemporary performing arts, urban spaces and audiences. The group’s long involvement in this research is exemplified by the Attraversamenti Multipli (Multiple Crossovers).

Attraversamenti Multipli is a multidisciplinary festival created by Margine Operativo on yearly basis since 2001 – -.

Contact Zones, similarly to Attraversamenti Multipli, is a project running on the bordering lines between artistic languages and in the proximity zones between arts and life.

The artists, the performances, the residences, the videobox, the workshops and the symposium planned in Rome by Contact Zones, all share the same characteristic of blending different artistic languages, stressing in an innovative way the initial genres, cross-breeding them and making them meet with other languages, unusual locations and new audiences.

Contact Zones @ Rome aimes at being a multi-discipline, multifaceted and “crossbred” entity, welcoming in a mutual dialogue different artistic practices, ranging from contemporary scenic arts to contemporary visual arts such as theater, dance, site-specific performance, music, video-making, street art.

The festival takes place in the popular neighborhood of Rome’s Quadraro, from 14 to 28 September 2019.
Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 is part of a three-year project (2017> 2019). For 3 years the festival interacts with some spaces of the “Quadraro”, a popular district of Rome. The festival has its “fulcrum” in the pedestrian area of Largo Spartaco and in the nearby areas. The festival also involves “Garage Zero”, an independent contemporary art gallery / performance space, born of a redevelopment of an abandoned space.

Contact Zones meets Attraversamenti Multipli 2019 going through it and offering: artistic residecies, performances, performances site-specific, workshops, symposium and
actions of audience development.
The artists involved in Contact Zones are chosen through an open call.
Crossbreeding, boundaries, trespassing are the key words / themes / concepts around which all the artistic actions revolves.
In detailed:
3 artistic residences of 1 international ensemble and 2 national ensemble aimed at creatingt three site-specific urban performances, produced by Contact Zones andpremiering within the Attraversamenti Multipli festival. The three ensembles involved through the artistic residences get in touch and interact with the places / public areas which will host the artistic actions and the performances and also with the local citizens.

6 performances / site specifc created by 3 international ensemble and 3 Italian ensemble created for urban spaces and the host locations which will take place in selected areas of Quadraro

  • 2 workshops : one with the focus on new generation and one on performing arts in urban space.
  • 1 symposium “Crossbreeding – New performance forms for new audiences”

A further “contact area” is the urban video-box by Contact Zones, which will go through all the artistic events of the days of Attraversamenti Multipli and gather the voices and concerns of the audience and citizens it will meet on its path, raising questions on the subject of the “ideal city”.

Contact Zones @ Rome creates areas of active involvement of the audience through:

  • using the blog and social networks as a “virtual square”, a place where spectators can interact
  • the Under 25 multitasking project, which will involve a group of youths under 25 years of age, as active observers and multitasking narrators of the project’s steps
  • the programming of artistic performances and actions co-produced by the project and including in their design dynamic residences and workshops interacting with the places and the citizens that live there.