(Teodora Grano and Chiara Lucisano)

residence for the project

ALIX MAUTNER HAD A GREAT CURIOSITY FOR PHYSICS, namely, the unusual behaviours or theories that lack common sense.
(ALIX MAUTNER AVEVA GRANDE CURIOSITÀ PER LA FISICA, ovvero l’ inusitato comportamento delle teorie prive di buon senso)

from 8th  to 14th September 2019


“When we come face to face with physical phenomena and actually try to measure them we are facing up to something outside of ourselves. The certainty of this something that lies outside of our consciousness is perhaps the meaning of our existence.” Giovanni Amelino Camelia

The lab will be held from :
Sunday 8th to Friday 13th September from h. 18.00 to h. 22.30
at GarageZero, csoa Spartaco and Largo Spartaco ( ROME)
the outcome site specific performance is scheduled for :
September 14th, 2019 h22.30 in Largo Spartaco
in the frame of the Festival Attraversamenti Multipli and within the European project “CONTACT ZONES _performing arts in urban spaces” –

Participation is free and is open for a maximum of 5 participants:
4 female dancers and 1 male dancer.

To partecipate:
it is necessary to send a resume and a link to a short video / dance improvisation (max 3 minutes),

Application deadline : 5 August 2019 at 00.00.

A questionnaire will be sent to the selected persons in order to create the sample group of the experiment.

The selected persons will receive confirmation by e-mail by 23 August 2019

ALIX MAUTNER HAD A GREAT CURIOSITY FOR PHYSICS, namely, the unusual behaviours or theories that lack common sense

What would happen if we asked a group of physicists to use the body instead of mathematics to describe nature?
What would happen if we asked a group of dancers to use the elegance of mathematical formalism to theorize movement?
But above all, what are the elderly doing in all this?

The results of the experiment will be determined on:
14 September 2019, during the ATTRAVERSAMENTI MULTIPLI festival between 21hrs and 22hrs, GMT +1, Lat: 41.859 Long, 12.552297, Largo Spartaco.

For the purpose of the experiment it is necessary to assemble a group of dancers willing to step outside of their disciplinary habitats and their identities as dancers to engage in a dialogue with a group of physicists and older people.
The experiment will be monitored under the watchful eye of the CONSORZIO GRANOLUCISANO through the use of avantgarde equipment and error margins and approximations tending towards infinity.

“We suggest the possibility of stepping out of conventional thinking a physicist thinks, a dancer dances.
Breaking the invisible boundary of human categories which separates physics and dance practices, we will daringly allow the different practices between human beings to encounter one another
The groups, as metaphorical exponents of parallel universes will meet beyond the boundaries of their galaxy in an unknown space, the outcome is uncertain.
In this moment in which separation and borders continue to be topicalissues, we will propose a research and a practice (of the body and the mind ) that can challenge the audience and the participants to overcome the very idea of the border.”



curated by CAROLINA FARINA (Italy)

residence for the project

“OB-VIàM – Possible itineraries for obvious meetings”

from 10th  to 28th September 2019

Ob-viàm – Possible itineraries for obvious meetings” is a photographic workshop curated by Carolina Farina which aims to show possible variants of the storytelling approach to / in urban space. Using photography as a device of estrangement we will practice reactivating the attention on the gestures, situations and relationships that are often neglected and trivialized in everyday life. We will start the creation of the different paths considering the “margin” as a potential space, as bell hooks says, “to offer us the possibility of a radical perspective from which to look, create, imagine alternatives and new worlds”. The objective of the laboratory is to create sentimental maps that suggest, through photographic images, some visual resistance practices and return the connections between the subjectivities and the social realities that inhabit and cross the Quadraro area.

WANDERERS – PHOTOGRAPHY LOVERS: this is a workshop for all of those who dare to experiment. In this workshop we are going to use photography as a means to experience new perspectives and instruments to tell about the places of everyday life.
No advanced photographic skills or equipment are required. We’re looking for aspiring photographers who are – as the writer and photographer Lewis Carroll once wrote – «Curiouser and curiouser!».

>>The first meeting will take place on September 10th
from 7pm to 9pm, during which the residency project will be presented and the workshop activities will be set up.

The lab will be held on 13/14 and 20/21 September
from h. 10.00 to h. 18.00
at csoa Spartaco (ROME) and in the urban spaces of the Quadraro district (Roma)
in the frame of the Festival Attraversamenti Multipli 2019, and within the European project “CONTACT ZONES performing arts in urban spaces”

The public presentation of the photographic outcomes of the workshop is scheduled for 14-15/ 21-22/ 27-28 September 2019 in Largo Spartaco, during the opening times of the ATTRAVERSAMENTI MULTIPLI festival

Participation is FREE and is open for a maximum of 8 participants.

For further information and to apply it is necessary to send an email with subject [OBVIAM_QUADRARO] to: With the application form, a short presentation is required.

Application deadline : 25 AUGUST 2019.

Carolina Farina is a freelance photographer and PhD Candidate in Communication at Sapienza University of Rome. Her research focus, between practice and theory, focuses on micro-narratives of everyday life. It’s articulated in photographic projects and shared research laboratories experimenting, in addition to the different photographic techniques, video, graphics and art print. She is a stage photographer and web editor for blog. She has made photographic reportages dedicated to the Visual and Performing Arts for international museums, magazines, festivals, artists and theatre companies.


residence for the project “Real Is Rare”

curated by the choreographer / dancer

for dancers, performers, actors

from 25th to 28th September 2019

The workshop takes place in Rome within the program of ATTRAVERSAMENTI MULTIPLI Festival, in the framework of the European project “Contact Zones _ performing arts in urban spaces” – Contact Zones Project
A scenic outcome of the workshop is scheduled for September 28th.

A FREE workshop of contamination between dance / performing art and urban spaces, an exploration of the possible combinations in the creative process between body & mind, in relation to urban spaces and unconventional places.

The workshop will be held:
on 25, 26, 27, 28 September
from h. 15 to h. 20

at GarageZero via Treviri, Rome
and in urban spaces of Quadraro district – Rome

The sitespecific performance realized during the workshop will be presented to the public:
Saturday 28 September 2019 at h. 22 in Largo Spartaco, Rome
within the program of the 2019 Attraversamenti Multipli festival -led by Margine Operativo.

Participation is FREE
and is open to a maximum of 15 participants.

To participate: it is necessary to send – WITHIN 5 SEPTEMBER –
a short curriculum inserting in the subject:
NAME _ LAST NAME _ Real workshop is rare
at the address:

Appropriate different spaces lead to imagine new scenic configurations, experiment new reports to the audience.

The relation to oneself, to others and to space are at the heart of the creations of the company and of this workshpo. The themes addressed in the creations are always underpinned by a reflection on the status of artist, the work done on oneself and its relation to the expectations of others and society concerning the artistic gesture.