ONDADURTO TEATRO will run a drama workshop for local children, which will lead to a performance open to the public.

By teaching and conducting field activities, Ondadurto Teatro will focus on presenting to the public, and to young people in particular, the new languages ​​of performing arts and the different artistic expressions related to street art and urban theatre.

The workshop, for its nature and direction, is directed to children from 6 to 10 years old.

The curriculum of the workshop, conceived as a series of educational activities for the body and the intellect, aims at helping the children gain “stage presence” by development of self-awareness and perception of their body.

Also, the educational potential of theatre practice lies in its ability to activate new levels of communication and receptivity. For this reason, Ondadurto Teatro’s goal is to help the children work with each other and be aware of their presence onstage thanks to notions of rhythm, music and “negotiating” the stage space.

Finally, working on interpretation, both comic and dramatic, will be address from several perspectives: theatrical play, study of expressive languages, improvisation and staging.

The programme of the workshop starts from the awakening of the body and continues on with individual and collective improvisation games, through the discovery of an authentic and conscious relationship with space and with the Other.




For kids up to 13 years old. They will discover and learn the art of handcrafting by being able to unleash their creativity with fabrics, techniques and tools.

An opportunity to discover the world of handcraft by using “unconventional” materials in Urban spaces.

Along with the discovering and the developing one’s creativity, the goal of this workshop is learning to see well-known and usual places through new lenses – thus changing the perspective on urban spaces and seeing them as places to gather, share and make art.